Energy Systems Catapult

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Discovering data

Key figures from across the industry came together in Birmingham to debate how data could enable the transformation of the energy sector. Greg Pitcher reports.

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Research highlights low carbon innovations

Vulnerable households could benefit or suffer further injustice from the switch to low carbon technology, according to new research by the University of Sussex and the Energy Systems Catapult.

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Smart Energy Plan developed for council

A Smart Energy Plan has been developed for Bridgend County Borough Council with support from the Energy Systems Catapult, Welsh Government, the Energy Technologies Institute and other stakeholders.

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First trial selling 'heat as a service' instead of KWh

Bristol Energy has become the first energy supplier in the UK to trial selling 'heat as a service', rather than kilowatt hours (kWh).

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Innovative project highlights integrated energy solutions

Public sector sites, including a university and military bases, will host a pilot project to develop smart, integrated energy solutions to cut energy costs and carbon emissions across the public sector estate, stimulating a potential £100 billion annual...

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Local energy planning needed to meet decarbonisation targets...

Local authorities should have more of a say in the planning of their energy systems and infrastructure to meet decarbonisation targets at the least cost, according to a study carried out by the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC).

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Phase 3 of FPSA programme completed

The Future Power System Architecture programme is recommending more agile change and governance for the UK power system.

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Capturing carbon

The Energy Systems Catapult's 'Rethinking decarbonisation incentives' project is taking a fresh look at how the UK could reform policies to promote clean growth and efficient economy-wide decarbonisation over the long term. Last month leading industry...