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Climate activists in Germany are calling on power plant operator Uniper to abandon plans to add a new coal-fired power station to the German grid in July - a move that comes despite a political agreement finalised this week to phase out all coal and lignite generation by 2038.

Low carbon heat must go electric in 2020, says GSHPA

The chairman of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) has told Network that 2020 will be a key milestone on the road to net-zero, when it plans to "build a significant coalition for the decarbonisation of heat through electrification".

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Expert team to advise Citizens' Assembly on climate change...

Three groups of experts have been appointed to advise the soon-to-be-established Citizens Assembly on climate change, an initiative that has been jointly commissioned by cross-party MPs on six parliamentary committees.

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First live hydrogen trials on campus 'living lab'

Keele University campus has become the site of the UK's first live trial to inject hydrogen into a gas network, in the first of a series of demonstrations by the HyDeploy consortium.

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Power companies pay £10.5m for 9 August black out

Ofgem's investigation into the 9 August power outages has led to £4.5m pay outs by the owners of two generators - Hornsea One and Little Barford - that lost connection to the grid, as well as £1.5m from UK Power Networks for reconnecting customers too...

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Queen's Speech promises net-zero policies in 2020 budget

The Queen's Speech from the new Conservative government this week reaffirmed its commitment to achieving net-zero and investing in renewable energy, but contained little in the way of detail, promising instead that the first budget will prioritise a range...

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Ofgem sets 'tough but fair' ground rules for RIIO-ED2

Ofgem has laid out the underlying framework for the RIIO-ED2 price control period for electricity, ahead of further consultation from the regulator next year to define the specific methodologies.

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Take in a lodger to save the planet, research says

New research by a team from the University of St Andrews argues that energy policy must factor in increases in domestic square meterage per person in order to achieve climate change targets.