2019/2020 represents a significant opportunity for the UK's gas, power and heat networks. Network is in pole position to help bring the sector together and deliver a once in a generation transformation of the energy system. Our campaign will play a key role in helping the industry understand what the network of the future is going to look like by acting as the ‘go to', place for technical information, project news, analysis and innovation updates - both in-print and online.

Look out for the illustrative tabs identifying key trends as we continue to shine a light on the network of the future.


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Renewable gas injected into Ireland's network

Gas Networks Ireland has confirmed that locally produced renewable gas has been successfully injected into Ireland's gas network for the first time.

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Government announces £2.5m funding for on-street EV charging...

The government has announced an additional £2.5 million funding for over 1,000 new on-street electric vehicle charge points.

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EV smart charging marketplace trial launched

UK Power Networks has launched a new trial called Shift that will see up to 1,000 electric vehicle owners offered financial incentives to charge their vehicle off-peak.

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Findings of ENA's Future Worlds consultation revealed

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has revealed the findings of a consultation that explored five proposed models for the future operation of the electricity system.

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Hydrogen's role in the future UK energy system

The Energy Research Partnership (ERP) recently brought together a range of stakeholders from across the energy sector to review the role of hydrogen to help decarbonise the UK energy sector. Their findings will be reported in July and the group has concluded...

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Achieving the right climate

With the Government committing to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the UK to almost zero by 2050, networks will be key in the facilitation of decarbonisation. Here, Network puts a special focus on the topic of decarbonisation as part of its Network of...

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Gas's role in a renewable world

Steve Urquhart, business development manager - distributed energy systems at Siemens looks at why we still need gas in a renewable world.

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Putting the focus on flexibility

The Energy Institute's incoming president Steve Holliday reflects on the Energy Barometer 2019 and calls for a renewed and visionary focus on flexibility.