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Staying safe and smart

Siemens energy management division head of cyber security Volker Distelrath talks to Greg Pitcher about digital networks, data analytics and the importance of simulating cyber-attacks to stay safe.

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Networks move to speed up EV rollout

Britain's local electricity networks have launched new reforms that will cut the paperwork required for connecting electric vehicles to the grid, the Energy Networks Association (ENA) has announced.

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Millions could miss out on benefits of EVs

Millions of people could miss out on the environmental and financial benefits of electric vehicles (EVs), a new report by Localis has found.

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Making the most of your assets

How do you pave the way for predictive asset management and how should it be used to help enable the smart networks of the future? A recent roundtable discussion hosted by Network and IBM sought to discover the answers. Tom Grimwood reports.

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Energy Data Taskforce launched

Energy Minister Claire Perry has launched an Energy Data Taskforce.

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The data revolution for asset management

Data is already shaping our world, but how we use it could revolutionise asset management. Phil Dingle, marketing director at Lucy Electric, discusses the issue.

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AI could halve the number of power cuts

Artificial intelligence (AI) could help predict and prevent power cuts before they happen, potentially helping to halve the number of outages.

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Digitalisation and data

Stephen Goldspink, director of customer services at Siemens Energy Management, talks about the importance of data and how a new digital transformer will provide real time asset status to network operators.