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Ofgem sets deadline for power cut report

Energy regulator Ofgem has written to the National Grid Electricity System Operator requesting an "urgent interim report" into last week's major power cut by Friday (16 August).

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National Grid CEO responds to power cut criticism

National Grid Group chief executive John Pettigrew says lessons can and must be learnt following Friday's power cut which left thousands of customers without power. Here, he responds to criticism over its role in the incident.

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Government launches investigation into major power outage

The government has launched an investigation into the power cut on Friday (9 August) that led to major disruption across the UK's power and transport networks.

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Major power cut could have been prevented, expert claims

Friday's (9 August) major power cut was caused by an issue known to National Grid and could have been prevented, according to an expert from energy storage company Anesco.

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Networks meet to review major outage

Transmission and distribution leaders have gathered for an initial review of the circumstances which led to a major power outage across large parts of the UK power grid.

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UKPN and National Grid carrying out £20m network upgrade

UK Power Networks and National Grid are delivering a £20 million electricity upgrade in Hertfordshire.

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National Grid sets out RIIO2 spending plans

National Grid will spend £7.4 billion on electricity transmission over the RIIO2 price control period, according to figures unveiled in its draft business plan which has been submitted to Ofgem's RIIO2 Challenge Group.

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UK government commits to 2050 net zero emissions target

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that the UK has committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the UK to almost zero by 2050.