Energy System

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Networks unveil electricity flexibility commitment

Britain's electricity grid operators have unveiled a new flexibility commitment to help shape the way network infrastructure will be run.

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Taskforce sets out recommendations to modernise energy system...

Digitalisation sits at the heart of five key recommendations set out by the Energy Data Taskforce that it says will modernise the UK energy system.

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Reclaiming and recognising asset management

In an ever-changing energy system landscape, the ability to manage assets is often high up on the agenda for utility companies. During a roundtable event - organised by Network in association with Siemens - key figures from the industry met to discuss...

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Considering the impacts of localised energy

At a roundtable event organised by Network in association with National Grid, delegates were invited to consider the beneficial impact of localised energy in supporting the whole energy system.

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Arup report highlights potential of hydrogen

A new report from Arup finds that hydrogen has a potentially significant role to play in decarbonising the whole energy system in the UK.

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ENA launches new gas grid decarbonisation project

The Energy Networks Association has launched a new pan-industry project designed to decarbonise Britain's gas grid.

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The key to a low-carbon energy future

Stuart Easterbrook, future gas strategy manager at Cadent, on why decisions made at a local level are key to a low-carbon energy future.

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Study outlines potential growth of low-carbon technologies

A "future energy scenario analysis" study undertaken by REGEN, has mapped out the potential growth of low-carbon technologies in Scottish Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) southern licence area.