Habitat Energy wins 40MW battery storage deal

Habitat Energy has been appointed to operate one of the country's largest battery sites, Arlington Energy's 40MW Greenfield Road project, currently under construction and due to be completed in October 2019.

Habitat Energy wins 40MW battery storage deal

The battery will be trading in the day ahead, intraday and balancing mechanism markets as well as taking advantage of ancillary service contracts where attractive to do so. 

Habitat Energy will be providing optimisation services using its algorithmic trading platform ‘PowerIQ’, overseen by its team of asset optimisers based in Oxford. Habitat Energy is providing full route to market for the asset, with the battery being registered as a BM unit.  

A core part of Habitat’s service will be to actively manage the degradation of the battery, looking to extend the life of its cells beyond the warranty, and thus improving returns for the asset owner. 

The appointment comes on the back of Habitat Energy’s 50MW Oxford battery project with Pivot Power due for completion next year, which will give it one of the biggest battery optimisation portfolios in the UK. 

Habitat Energy co-founder Andrew Luers said: “We are excited to partner with Arlington Energy who, with the Greenfield Road battery and those to follow, are making big strides to deliver a clean, flexible energy system for Great Britain.  

“Our algorithmic approach to battery optimisation and trading will ensure that the Greenfield Road battery is able to deliver the full flexibility and system benefits that these assets are capable of and that the grid desperately needs. Our approach also ensures maximum returns are delivered to investors, therefore encouraging further investment in the energy grid of tomorrow.” 

Matt Clare, director of Arlington, said: “Habitat Energy has an excellent reputation within the power sector and we are very pleased to have them working with us to deliver sustainable, clean energy to the national grid.  

“The recent power outage, which affected more than a million UK homes and businesses shows there is a real need for Arlington’s battery storage solution, which will kick in immediately to help, should this problem arise again.” 


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