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As owner of the electricity transmission network in the north of Scotland, SSEN Transmission has a critical role to play in the transition to net zero - by building the transmission infrastructure required to connect renewable electricity generation, and transporting that clean electricity to areas of demand, writes Bless Kuri, head...

Ofgem approves UKPN to access smart meter data

UK Power Networks has become the second Distribution Network Operator to secure Ofgem approval to access smart meter data for households and small businesses in its patch, after the regulator approved its data security plan.

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Coronavirus outbreak sends global gas prices tumbling

The coronavirus outbreak is putting more pressure on global pricing for gas sellers, against the backdrop of an already oversupplied European gas market, causing prices to be pushed even lower.

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What can we learn from August 9th?

The summer of 2019 saw the disconnection of more than a million electricity customers in Britain's largest single electricity system disturbance in over ten years. Here, UKERC co-director, Professor Keith Bell, summarises the findings of the government...

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New energy management models needed after Ofgem review

Significant changes to network charging methodology announced by Ofgem are likely to have a major impact on industrial and commercial (I&C) energy bills from April 2021, writes Charlie Ward of New Stream Renewables.

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UKRI funds £20m academic centre for industrial net-zero

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), which is running the £170 Industrial Strategy Challenge fund to promote strategies to reduce emissions in industrial clusters, is funding Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University to develop plans for a new academic centre...

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SSEN turns to Just Eat for power cut customers

Households in the southern England licence area operated by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) will be able to order meals on the Just Eat app and website if they experience a blackout, after the network operator signed up to a new partnership....

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Germany to switch on more coal-fired power despite 2038 exit...

Climate activists in Germany are calling on power plant operator Uniper to abandon plans to add a new coal-fired power station to the German grid in July - a move that comes despite a political agreement finalised this week to phase out all coal and...