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The Energy Systems Catapult and Beama have signed a new agreement for joint working on energy system innovation.

Getting ready to transform the power system

Eric Brown, the head of innovation at the Energy Systems Catapult, outlines the next stages of Future Power System Architecture Project

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Networks are delivering on RIIO

David Smith, chief executive of the Energy Networks Association, pushes back against accusations that UK energy networks are making excessive returns.

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Ofgem plans major network charging review

Ofgem has outlined plans for a major review of network charging to examine concerns that some consumers are paying too much towards to the cost of the grid and others too little.

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DNO's spend frugal £3.2bn on network management

UK distribution network operators (DNOs) spent a collective £3.2bn on managing their networks during the first year of their price control according to a report published by Ofgem today.

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Is critical infrastructure destined for the cloud?

Cloud computing is revolutionising data management for utilities, but does the future of operations also lie in the cloud?

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National Grid - The electricity sector's ringmaster

National Grid is set to legally separate its system operator function from the rest of its business following proposals from Ofgem. Nigel Hawkins considers the significance of the decision.

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Northern Powergrid invests in mobile-first supply chain solution...

Northern Powergrid has invested in mobile logistics technology to improve the efficiency of its operations.