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Keeping power cuts to a minimum

As recent events in South America have proven, power cuts can cause widespread disruption, even if they only last a few hours. Network talked to operators in the UK to find out how they are building a more resilient grid and tackling the issue.

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Embracing change

Andreas Lips, general manager, e-mobility, Shell - talks to Network editor Alec Peachey about how the energy and transport sectors are aligning to accommodate the millions of expected electric vehicles on UK roads.

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Enabling the energy revolution

The shift to digital technology presents many challenges for the energy sector, but it could also create new opportunities with the emergence of micro-grids and private networks. Network spoke to Ibrahim Cobanoglu, digital lead for ABB Power Grids, to...

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Innovation delivered

The pace of change across the UK's gas, power and heat networks continues to advance. At the heart of this change lies collaboration and innovation. With this in mind editor Alec Peachey spoke to UK Power Networks head of innovation Ian Cameron about...

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Investing in the energy decarbonisation transformation benefits...

National Grid's head of regulatory finance, Darren Pettifer, says that Ofgem's plans to slash in half the returns that energy networks can earn could put at risk a once in a generation opportunity to transform the energy system, and prevent longer-term...

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Short interruptions matter

With regulatory and technological changes afoot, the issue of reliability is never far from the top of the agenda for many in the regulatory sector. While much has been said about the need to avoid long power outages, has the issue of smaller interruptions...

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Decarbonisation driving change at ENW

Electricity North West is putting decarbonisation at the heart of its plans. Alec Peachey spoke to chief executive Peter Emery about a number of subjects including the company's drive to reduce carbon emissions, regulation, infrastructure - and how they're...

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Staying safe and smart

Siemens energy management division head of cyber security Volker Distelrath talks to Greg Pitcher about digital networks, data analytics and the importance of simulating cyber-attacks to stay safe.