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Network underspends sign of RIIO success

The widespread outperformance of networks against their spending allowances under RIIO may be "evidence of the success, not the failure" of the RIIO price control framework.

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Consumer groups to gain more power in RIIO2

Ofgem wants consumer groups to take a leading role in the process of setting the next price controls for energy networks, the regulator's senior partner for networks has said.

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Consumers pose biggest barrier to low-carbon heat

Winning over consumers will be the biggest barrier to the deployment of low-carbon heating, according to a senior figure at Ofgem.

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UK Power Networks sets out vision for DSO transition

UK Power Networks (UKPN) has published its vision for transitioning to a distribution system operator (DSO) in a future energy system characterised by distributed energy resources and low carbon technologies.

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National Grid scales back forecasts for storage

National Grid has significantly scaled back its forecasts for the build-up of storage capacity in its latest annual Future Energy Scenarios report.

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Gas has 'important role' in all foreseeable futures

Gas will continue to play an "important role" in all foreseeable futures for the energy system, according to system operator National Grid.

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BEIS plugs £20m into EV smart charging

The government has announced £20 million of funding to support the development of smart charging technologies, which will enable electric vehicles to help balance the power grid.

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Rise of EVs could add 18GW to peak demand by 2050

The growth of electric vehicles (EVs) could add up to 18GW - or 30 per cent - to peak power demand by 2050, National Grid has predicted in its latest Future Energy Scenarios report.