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Government must act to prevent energy market civil war

The government must take an active role in the transformation of the UK's energy system to prevent "a war of all against all" in an increasingly polarised energy market, Green Alliance has warned.

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Voltage control could save customers millions each year

Customers in Great Britain could be saved up to £12 million annually following a year-long trial of voltage controllers in Electricity North West's substations.

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Cornwall's largest energy storage system coming to solar-powered...

Cornwall's largest energy storage system to date is to be installed at a solar-powered farm in the county.

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Regulator warns of heat network pricing problems

Ofgem has warned the Scottish Government against the perils of pricing for heat networks, which could lead to "poor outcomes" for customers.

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National Grid signs pan-European balancing agreement

National Grid has signed an agreement with 18 other grid operators around Europe to develop a system to enable the sharing of balancing services across the continent.

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Anesco reveals plans for UK's largest battery portfolio

Anesco has revealed plans to build 185MW of battery storage by the end of 2018, creating the largest battery portfolio in the UK.

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New Thames Valley Vision proves success of smart technologies...

Low voltage substation monitors, street side battery storage units, and hot and cold thermal storage technology have been successfully trialled in the six year, £30m New Thames Valley Vision (NTVV) innovation project.

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Eon starts works on new battery storage project

Eon has begun work to install a new battery storage system at its biomass combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Blackburn Meadows.