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New Johnson mandate to shape post-Brexit trade and net-zero

The Conservatives' decisive victory in the General Election sets the country on the path to Brexit and EU trade deal negotiations, including talks on the future trading arrangements for the gas and electricity flowing through interconnectors to Belgium,...

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WPD sets out digital strategy for zero carbon

Western Power Distribution (WPD) has published a new digitalisation commitment describing how it will make innovative use of new technologies and an "open data" policy to deliver lower carbon energy solutions for customers.

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National Grid ESO pledges £2bn savings under RIIO-T2

The National Grid ESO is anticipating the creation of savings and benefits worth £2bn in the RIIO-T2 price control period, according to the finalised business plan it submitted to Ofgem this week.

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SSEN projects £2.4bn investment in RIIO-T2 plan

SSEN Transmission, responsible for the north of Scotland electricity transmission system, has submitted its RIIO-T2 business plan to energy regulator Ofgem, with a plan to invest £2.4bn.

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Ofgem seeks views on 'key enabler' in DSO transition

Ofgem has launched a consultation on what it says will be a "key enabler" in networks' ongoing evolution into distribution system operators: the format and content of electricity networks' long term development statements (LTDS).

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National Grid backs PowerPaired community energy platform

Sustainability charity Forum for the Future has launched a new online "matchmaking" platform to pair up community energy groups and the businesses or public sector organisations that own sites or buildings that could be at the heart of community-owned...

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AMT transformers to cut power losses in Northern Powergrid trial...

Northern Powergrid is trialling a new type of transformer that can dramatically reduce power losses, becoming the UK's first distribution network operator (DNO) to trial the equipment.

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Consumers warm to 'smart' energy but fear complexity

The majority of energy consumers like the idea of being part of a "smart local energy system" where homes and businesses generate and sell their own clean power as well as being consumers, according to a new survey.