Gengameipad 550x250

How gamification can support the energy transition

Gamification enables companies to create customer experiences that take on game-like qualities - proving valuable in improving user-engagement across many industries. Northern Powergrid's innovation project manager, Andrew Webster, explores what makes...

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The data revolution for asset management

Data is already shaping our world, but how we use it could revolutionise asset management. Phil Dingle, marketing director at Lucy Electric, discusses the issue.

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Bringing innovation to life: a whole-system approach

David Smith, chief executive of the Energy Networks Association (ENA), discusses the importance of a whole system energy approach and looks ahead to this year's Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference (LCNI) in Telford.

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Enabling the smart energy networks of the future

Dr Peter Couch, chief executive officer of the Joint Radio Company (JRC), highlights the importance of smart telecommunication technologies.

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Creating certainty

Following the CMA's recent announcement recommending regulation of the heat network market, Jody Pittaway from SSE Enterprise Heat looks at why this is a welcome development for the industry.

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Making networks tick

Maxine Frerk, director at Grid Edge Policy and former senior partner networks at Ofgem, looks at the subject of network charging.

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The pillars of policy

How do you create infrastructure policy in an uncertain world? A recent roundtable discussion hosted by Network and National Grid sought to find out. Tom Grimwood was there.

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Managing your assets

Randolph Brazier, head of innovation at the Energy Networks Association (ENA), discusses using a whole system approach to asset management.