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Improving customer contact in the WhatsApp era

As National Customer Service Week draws to a close, Lisa Doogan, head of customer service and stakeholder strategy at Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, describes how it is improving communications with its 3.8 million customers in the north...

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Dealing with distributed energy

Active Network Management (ANM) has grown in sync with the rise of distributed energy over the last two decades. Dr Graham Ault, co-founder and executive director of Smarter Grid Solutions, provides an update on the current applications of ANM beyond...

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Industry views on blackout

With National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) set to provide a final detailed report on last month's blackout to Ofgem today (6 September), a selection of industry experts provide analysis of what happened and lessons that need to be learnt.

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The totex question

Has total expenditure (totex) become enshrined in utilities' practices? A special pan-utility roundtable held at Utility Week Live sought to find out.

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Hydrogen's role in the future UK energy system

The Energy Research Partnership (ERP) recently brought together a range of stakeholders from across the energy sector to review the role of hydrogen to help decarbonise the UK energy sector. Their findings will be reported in July and the group has concluded...

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Achieving the right climate

With the Government committing to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the UK to almost zero by 2050, networks will be key in the facilitation of decarbonisation. Here, Network puts a special focus on the topic of decarbonisation as part of its Network of...

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Gas's role in a renewable world

Steve Urquhart, business development manager - distributed energy systems at Siemens looks at why we still need gas in a renewable world.

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Putting the focus on flexibility

The Energy Institute's incoming president Steve Holliday reflects on the Energy Barometer 2019 and calls for a renewed and visionary focus on flexibility.