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The road to RIIO2

Ofgem should review the detail of the networks' regulatory framework, but not throw the baby out with the bath water, warns Maxine Frerk.

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Complex whole systems for critical national infrastructure

What connects Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), Transport, Heat & Cooling, Healthcare, Built Environment, Industry, Retail, Residential and Commercial activity? asks Duncan Botting.

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Out of the coal age and into the stor-age

If the future of UK energy is to depend on renewables, effective storage will be vital to better connect these energy sources to the grid.

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Powering improvement in health and safety strategy

The UK electricity industry has a long standing ambition to be a world leader in the field of health and safety.

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Ofgem's targeted charging review

Ofgem has recently published what is billed as a potential significant code review on network charging.

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Why the NIS Directive is making utility security a priority

Utilities must act now and prioritise action to prevent potential security breaches and ensure security of supply, writes Jon Longstaff, head of Cyber Security (EMEA) at OMNETRIC Group.

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Innovating towards a DSO model

With over 30 years' service, I can probably now be considered a veteran of the energy network world. While I hate to be reminded I'm not getting any younger, it does allow me to take stock of the changes I've seen in my time working for one of the country's...

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Has a tipping point been reached in the smart utility era?

As networks wrestle with the challenge of modernising the UK's power system to encompass all future aspirations, are we witnessing a tipping point in our own industry, questions Global Smart Transformation's managing director Duncan Botting.