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The energy revolution

The government recently announced an investment of over £100 million in a new programme called 'Prospering from the Energy Revolution' as part of its Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, delivered by UK Research & Innovation. This first article from Innovate...

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It's the wrong kind of disruption

Editorial board member and independent consultant John Scott foresees self-inflicted problems for the energy sector.

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Reliability is key

Mark Dunk, the Energy Networks Association's head of engineering, discusses the importance of protection, monitoring and control systems when it comes to maintaining electricity networks.

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Real time data to incentivise behaviour

Damien Canning, head of technical sustainability at Costain, talks about the advantages that distributed ledger technology can bring to the energy sector.

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Time to change or fail

Matt Hastings, programme director at Centrica's Cornwall Local Energy Market, explains the importance of disrupting your own business model.

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The emergence of EVs

A roundtable discussion hosted by Network, in conjunction with the Energy Systems Catapult, centred around why a whole systems perspective is required if stakeholders are to respond most effectively to the challenges and opportunities that arise in the...

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How will energy look in 2035?

Arup recently unveiled a study that details what the landscape of the UK's energy systems will look like in 2035. In this article, Filippo Gaddo - head of energy economics - makes some predictions for the future.

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Understanding costs

John Parsons, networks portfolio manager at BEAMA and a Network editorial board member, looks at the subject of network charging.