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Network launches new video section

Network has launched a new video section designed to help educate the sector.

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National Grid's electricity control room

The external environment is rapidly evolving due to decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation. The operation of the national electricity transmission system is therefore becoming more challenging. National Grid use a variety of tools to balance...

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Why energy storage is going to revolutionise the electricity...

Find out why UK Power Networks think that energy storage is going to revolutionise the electricity system. See video below:

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Cadent's 'Gas-Bots'

Cadent's 'Gas-Bots' are being used to repair gas pipes in London. The CISBOT has been used beneath one of London's busiest locations - The Strand.

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Siemens Portable Switch reference video in cooperation with UK...

The Portable Switch is a light weight outdoor vacuum circuit breaker that has load and fault breaking capability. Once installed, line crews can use it to easily switch the electricity supply on and off. This can be done from a safe distance as the operation...

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Network Asset Performance Conference 2018

The 2018 Network Asset Performance Conference addressed how networks can mitigate risk and better monitor assets; adopt innovative strategies in the supply chain; prepare for transport decarbonisation; and optimise data to transform asset management....

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Green fuel for HGVs

The people behind the first commercial high-pressure compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling station tell their story.

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Frequency Response

System frequency is a continuously changing variable that is determined and controlled by the second-by-second (real time) balance between system demand and total generation. If demand is greater than generation, the frequency falls while if generation...