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Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has secured £340,000 in funding from Ofgem's Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) for a project to support knowledge sharing between network operators and stakeholders in the energy system.

Calculating storage and flexibility in a net-zero world...

Alex Buckman, networks and energy storage practice manager at the Energy Systems Catapult, describes its new Storage and Flexibility Model, a number-crunching tool that can calculate the future storage and renewable generation capacity needed to meet variable demand in a net-zero world.

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Squeezing efficiency from energy-from-waste

A high-efficiency waste gasification demonstrator project funded by the Energy Technologies Institute is producing electricity for the grid, but its sponsoring organisation was wound up at the end of December. Before closing day, ETI project manager Paul Winstanley told Elaine Knutt about what the ETI/Kew Technology Sustainable Energy...

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A new way to model Value of Lost Load

Tracey Kennelly of distribution network operator (DNO) Electricity North West, and Anuj Nayyar of energy specialist Frazer-Nash Consultancy, on their project to accurately assess the "value of lost load", and how all DNOs could benefit from the new modelling...

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Take in a lodger to save the planet, research says

New research by a team from the University of St Andrews argues that energy policy must factor in increases in domestic square meterage per person in order to achieve climate change targets.

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Why hydrogen-based fuels will be a net-zero essential

Matti Rautkivi, director of strategy and business development at Wärtsilä Energy Business, explains why the Finnish company is backing several innovators in the field of hydrogen-based fuels - and why the UK government should do so as well.

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Hydrogen boilers: here today, in your home tomorrow

Martyn Bridges, director of technical communication and product management at boiler manufacturer Worcester Bosch, says that he doesn't need a crystal ball to discern the future of domestic heat - in the company's labs, prototype hydrogen boilers are...

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AMT transformers to cut power losses in Northern Powergrid trial...

Northern Powergrid is trialling a new type of transformer that can dramatically reduce power losses, becoming the UK's first distribution network operator (DNO) to trial the equipment.