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The road to RIIO2

Ofgem should review the detail of the networks' regulatory framework, but not throw the baby out with the bath water, warns Maxine Frerk.

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Blue: when green just isn't enough

Customers' views on performance, safety, total cost of ownership and the environment led Siemens to develop its Blue clean air switchgear technology, as Abhishek Sarkar, project manager for gas-insulated switchgear at Siemens, explains.

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Complex whole systems for critical national infrastructure

What connects Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), Transport, Heat & Cooling, Healthcare, Built Environment, Industry, Retail, Residential and Commercial activity? asks Duncan Botting.

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FPSA the right vehicle for driving energy future

To meet the needs of customers in the future the current power system needs to change, says Sacha Meckler.

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Development of the future energy system - addressing the emerging...

The established GB electricity system is facing a period of unprecedented change in terms of the mix and location of generation technologies, the anticipated new demands placed on the system by electrification of heat and transport, and the expected growth...

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Out of the coal age and into the stor-age

If the future of UK energy is to depend on renewables, effective storage will be vital to better connect these energy sources to the grid.

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Mindfulness: AI technology that's changing the landscape

When National Grid's discussions with technology provider DeepMind hit the national headlines earlier this year, it became clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing have the potential to transform the energy industry.

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Asset management: moving from reactive to proactive

For almost as long as the decades old infrastructure on which the UK's power networks operate have been running, the approach to managing its operation and maintenance has been reactive.