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A focus on community energy

Maxine Frerk, director at Grid Edge Policy and former senior partner networks at Ofgem, recently completed a report for the Scottish government on the regulatory changes needed to support community energy including looking at network benefits. Here, she...

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Dealing with uncertainty

"The future has never been more uncertain than it is now." That's the view of Mark Brackley, National Grid's project director for RIIO2, who spoke to Network editor Alec Peachey about a range of subjects including regulation, infrastructure policy and...

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Meeting grid challenges

Adrian Timbus, technology and solutions manager, smart grids and renewables at ABB - discusses how digitalisation is supporting energy transformation.

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Locating faults

Jonathan Hopkins, sales director EMEA at S&C Electric Company, highlights the importance of locating faults on cable sections of both mixed and underground circuits.

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Protection, monitoring and control

National Grid is rising to new challenges in the vital areas of protection, monitoring and control with one eye on its back and the other very much on the future. Ben Graff, head of T2 stakeholder engagement at National Grid, highlights the work being...

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Storing energy

Technologies such as power-to-gas offer the opportunity to store energy for long periods at scale for electricity networks, and provide an important decarbonisation strategy for heat. This article examines the technology.

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An appetite for EVs

Launched in May, Pivot Power's plan to develop a world-first 2GW network of grid-scale batteries and rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs across the UK has created waves throughout the industry.

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Flexibility is key

As networks seek to respond to changing operational demands and the ongoing drive for efficiency, flexibility is key.