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Powering improvement in health and safety strategy

The UK electricity industry has a long standing ambition to be a world leader in the field of health and safety.

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Ofgem's targeted charging review

Ofgem has recently published what is billed as a potential significant code review on network charging.

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EVs: Can they help defer costly reinforcements?

Look ahead to 2050, and it is expected that every new car and van sold in the UK will be electric, with each petrol powered engine being retired bringing the country closer to a purely electric fleet of vehicles.

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Five ways LiDAR technology is mapping the future

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology has hit the headlines recently, but for Distribution Network Operators, the technology is fast becoming business as usual.

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Energy storage will allow customers greater flexibility

Energy storage has always been one of the most fundamental parts of any energy system, writes Steve Cox, Engineering and Technical Director at, Electricity North West.

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Why the NIS Directive is making utility security a priority

Utilities must act now and prioritise action to prevent potential security breaches and ensure security of supply, writes Jon Longstaff, head of Cyber Security (EMEA) at OMNETRIC Group.

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Innovating towards a DSO model

With over 30 years' service, I can probably now be considered a veteran of the energy network world. While I hate to be reminded I'm not getting any younger, it does allow me to take stock of the changes I've seen in my time working for one of the country's...

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Has a tipping point been reached in the smart utility era?

As networks wrestle with the challenge of modernising the UK's power system to encompass all future aspirations, are we witnessing a tipping point in our own industry, questions Global Smart Transformation's managing director Duncan Botting.