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System operation: Q&A with Richard Smith

Ahead of Network's Future Networks conference National Grid's Richard Smith forecasts how the challenge facing the system operator will evolve its role.

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The TSO/DSO divide: Facilitating co-ordination

The Energy Networks Association's David Smith reveals the co-ordinated transition to DSO will be its key focus over the coming years.

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Prevent, Protect and React

Network resilience is critical all year round, but never more so than in the winter months, Siemens' Mark Simblett tells Network - and transformers have a critical role to play.

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Unifying communications to combat cyberthreats

Reviewing communication networks is key to protecting the nation's critical utility infrastructures, argues SmartUC's Mike Norfield.

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Is critical infrastructure destined for the cloud?

Cloud computing is revolutionising data management for utilities, but does the future of operations also lie in the cloud?

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Q&A: training from the top

The training of senior management must not be neglected if the right culture is to be achieved in a company, Ian Dormer, managing director of Rosh Engineering warns.

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A mountain to climb

Now the DCC network has gone live, attention has turned to dealing with smart meter installation challenges. What can be learnt from the rollout so far?

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Q & A: The smart meter rollout

International engineering solutions company Actavo announced in October last year that it has built on its existing partnership with big six supplier Scottish Power by winning a five-year contract to deliver most of the programme to install smart meters...