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Free UW seminar: Improving digital experiences for vulnerable...

Overcoming the challenges of delivering excellence in digital services to priority service customers will be the topic of a new Utility Week webinar.

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"The further you go from shore, the more HVDC stacks up"

Grant McKay, ABB's marketing and sales manager for HVDC in northern Europe, discusses ABB's recent UK first: a contract to use HVDC convertor technology to link two forthcoming 1.2 GW North Sea offshore wind farms to the mainland transmission network....

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Siemens launches new IoT apps and protection relay

Siemens is launching two new products at the European Utility Week show in Paris - a new suite of grid diagnostic apps that exploits Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and a new protection relay device, the Reyrolle 5.

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"We're having joint conversations, but behind on 2050"

Dr Sara Walker, a reader in energy in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University, is joining the judging panel for this year's Network awards. With the deadline now extended until 16 December - to accommodate essential RIIO-2 submissions - what...

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Networks specialist joins free UW asset data webinar

Dan Wilson, asset data manager and Network Management System Data Lead at Electricity North West, will join the line up on Utility Week's forthcoming webinar on using AI technology to improve asset data.

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Developing leaders for a low-carbon future

Tom Naughton, an associate at London based heat network consultancy FairHeat, describes its award-winning graduate training programme, and why similar schemes are vital to the sector's future.

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Getting green networks up to speed

Decarbonising heat will involve a future switch to hydrogen, but how should that hydrogen be produced? And as consumers and businesses adopt EVs and take to the roads, are the network operators fully prepared? Tom Grimwood reports on the topics that...

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Flexibility platforms could launch smarter networks

Flexibility is the buzzword of our times, but it may ring hollow to the "flex provider" that just misses out on a DNO contract. Elexon chief executive Mark Bygraves explains its proposal for new online marketplaces that will allow buyers and sellers to...