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Solving the EV charging jigsaw

As DNOs present Ofgem with their electric vehicle (EV) readiness documents, illustrating how the transport revolution can be effectively managed, Patrick Erwin, policy and markets director at Northern Powergrid, outlines key policies that would ensure...

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Dealing with distributed energy

Active Network Management (ANM) has grown in sync with the rise of distributed energy over the last two decades. Dr Graham Ault, co-founder and executive director of Smarter Grid Solutions, provides an update on the current applications of ANM beyond...

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Unlocking asset infrastructure

The UK's energy networks are under mounting pressure to accommodate new and increasing demands. From regulatory restrictions and the uptake of distributed generation to the increase in electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions, the challenges for...

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Circuit breaker testing with OMICRON

Orlando de Leon, application sales engineer at OMICRON, explains the benefits and new method of testing circuit breakers in Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS).

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Industry views on blackout

With National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) set to provide a final detailed report on last month's blackout to Ofgem today (6 September), a selection of industry experts provide analysis of what happened and lessons that need to be learnt.

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Accelerating the EV revolution

Matthew Boulton, chief commercial officer at Pivot Power, discusses how the company is working at a local level to speed up the decarbonisation of transport.

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Turning ambition into action

The launch of SSEN Transmission's draft business plan includes an ambition to tackle climate change, connect more renewable energy and transport it across the country. Managing director Rob McDonald tells Network editor Alec Peachey how the company is...

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The totex question

Has total expenditure (totex) become enshrined in utilities' practices? A special pan-utility roundtable held at Utility Week Live sought to find out.