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Maintaining a resilient energy system

"In the future how long can we live without electricity?" asks a group of key decision makers from across the energy sector. A recent report entitled 'Future Resilience of the UK Electricity System' and published by the Energy Research Partnership (ERP)...

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The decarbonisation challenge

Simon Fairman - director, safety and network strategy at Cadent - looks at the role of gas and hydrogen powered vehicles in helping to reduce emissions.

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Learning is key

David Smith, chief executive of the Energy Networks Association (ENA), talks to Network editor Alec Peachey about this year's Low Carbon Networks Innovation (LCNI) Conference and gives his views on the sector.

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Innovation for the nation

Decarbonisation is changing the energy system rapidly and the way in which energy is produced, supplied and consumed is already very different from only a few years ago. Randolph Brazier, head of innovation at the Energy Networks Association (ENA), looks...

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Energy and transport integration

Faye Banks (director of energy) and Phil Proctor (associate director - smart grid technologies) from Costain discuss meeting climate change targets through the integration of energy and transport sectors.

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Accelerating innovation

Jeremy Carey, managing director of 42 Technology, highlights the development of new condition monitoring technology and talks about the challenges as an SME of working with distribution network operators (DNOs).

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Smart storage

The launch last year of the Government-backed Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan was a milestone on the road to a smarter energy system in the UK. The plan outlined the way in which continued decarbonisation of the economy and greater adoption of renewable...

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The decarbonisation of transport

Today, transport is one of the largest energy uses globally. The sector uses huge amounts of energy in which to power it, resulting in huge levels of harmful emissions being generated, which cannot be sustainable. Rebecca Markillie from ITM Power discusses...