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Laying the foundations for heat network growth

Government proposals to increase customer protection and accelerate decarbonisation across heat networks, now backed by a multi-million funding commitment, are welcome news, says Switch2 Energy chief executive Richard Slee

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Electrifying the low carbon heat debate

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) begins 2020 with a new look and a new confidence that - with heat pumps emerging as a favoured option in the government's Future Homes consultation - the sector is about to come into its own.

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Smart Energy in Orkney

A visit to the Scottish isles of Orkney unveils an innovative smart energy system, writes Anna Stegman, technical liaison manager for the Energy Revolution Integration Service at the Energy Systems Catapult.

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Building a net-zero network for north Scotland

As owner of the electricity transmission network in the north of Scotland, SSEN Transmission has a critical role to play in the transition to net zero - by building the transmission infrastructure required to connect renewable electricity generation,...

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Finding fault: bringing fresh intelligence to LV network management...

More consumers and more connections. More solar panels, more heat pumps - and lots more electric vehicles (EVs). The relentless drive to decarbonisation is making it harder for energy operators to analyse and respond to complex, unpredictable load patterns...

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Cybersecurity: defending the grid

The recent stand-off between the US and Iran raised fears that the UK's energy transmission and distribution sector could be targeted by state-sponsored hackers.

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Paying for net zero

The UK's 2050 net zero emissions commitment has added urgency to calls for a review of the allocation of decarbonisation costs. Jane Gray reports on a recent Network debate event, hosted in association with National Grid.

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Cybersecurity: making smart homes secure

Internet-connected smart devices can deliver significant benefits to users' lives, anticipating needs and providing services in areas from entertainment to energy use, write Jamie Bennett of Schneider Electric.