Innovation, technology & operations

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Schneider Electric highlights key considerations for networks seeking to balance the demands of an evolving network with existing infrastructure

UK and China to develop new offshore energy technology

Five projects will bring together "some of the leading minds in this field"

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The automation age

How the growth of distributed generation is placing new demands on protection and control technologies

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Mobile Substations

A mobile substation can help during system maintenance and unplanned outages, or even help renewables developers connect their schemes to the network more quickly.

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Councils to charge by the hour for streetworks

NJUG raises concerns over proposed extension to controversial lane rental scheme

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Rapid EV chargers to be rolled out to petrol stations nationwide...

Britain's second largest forecourt operator has agreed a deal to install rapid electric vehicle chargers across its nationwide network of more than 400 petrol stations.

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Energy networks unveil plans for joint innovation strategies...

The UK's energy networks have unveiled plans to develop their first ever joint innovation strategies - one each for gas and electricity.

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Small-scale solar capacity nears 5GW

Small-scale solar capacity reached nearly 5GW in July, according to the latest monthly statistics from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.