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An interim report from National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) says that a lightning strike and the sudden loss of two large electricity generators was to blame for this month's blackout.

Networks must consider needs of vulnerable customers, analysis...

Analysis carried out on behalf of the Energy Networks Association (ENA) shows that network operators must ensure that vulnerable customers are not left behind as the UK works towards net zero.

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Professor Helm calls for action following power cuts

Professor Dieter Helm has given his reaction to the power cuts that caused widespread disruption across the UK's energy and transport networks.

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Renewable gas injected into Ireland's network

Gas Networks Ireland has confirmed that locally produced renewable gas has been successfully injected into Ireland's gas network for the first time.

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Over 1,000 EV charge points available in Scotland

More than 1,000 electric vehicle charge points are now available for use in Scotland.

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Leadsom sets out scope of investigation into power cuts

The government has set out the scope of its review into the actions of the National Grid Electricity System Operator after Friday's power cuts.

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Ofgem calls for greater gender balance

Ofgem has called on the industry to achieve better gender balance and wants its own workforce to be 50% female at all levels by 2025.

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New subsea cable to Cumbrae goes live

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks' (SSEN) project to replace one of the two electricity subsea cables connecting Bute and Cumbrae is now complete.