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The future of our power system architecture

The latest findings from the government-sponsored Future Power System Architecture programme are out. Tom Grimwood takes a look at them.

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Five ways LiDAR technology is mapping the future

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology has hit the headlines recently, but for Distribution Network Operators, the technology is fast becoming business as usual.

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District heat: follow the leading light?

District heating has made inroads in Copenhagen that developers in the UK could only dream of, but could and should the UK follow in Denmark's footsteps?

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Is critical infrastructure destined for the cloud?

Cloud computing is revolutionising data management for utilities, but does the future of operations also lie in the cloud?

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A mountain to climb

Now the DCC network has gone live, attention has turned to dealing with smart meter installation challenges. What can be learnt from the rollout so far?

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Behaviour change: Q & A with Paul Bircham

Ahead of Network's Future Networks conference ENW's Paul Bircham predicts there will be enough network capacity to handle the rise of the electric vehicle.

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Given the green light: gas

Both of the network innovation competition submissions for gas made the cut in the latest round of innovation funding. Network runs through the projects and Ofgem's pointers for next year.

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National Grid - The electricity sector's ringmaster

National Grid is set to legally separate its system operator function from the rest of its business following proposals from Ofgem. Nigel Hawkins considers the significance of the decision.