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Getting green networks up to speed

Decarbonising heat will involve a future switch to hydrogen, but how should that hydrogen be produced? And as consumers and businesses adopt EVs and take to the roads, are the network operators fully prepared? Tom Grimwood reports on the topics that...

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Getting the power back on

National Grid ESO is aiming for a world first - coordinating multipe distributed energy resources (DERs) to provide a safe Black Start service in its Distributed ReStart project. Alec Peachey spoke to project lead Peter Chandler.

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An alternative route to Black Start

Electricity interconnectors are increasingly adding flexibility to the high voltage network in Great Britain. But can their convertor capacity also offer a Black Start service to the grid? Oluwole Daniel Adeuyi and colleagues at the National HVDC Centre,...

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H21 project highlights potential of hydrogen

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has said that hydrogen is a credible option to help decarbonise the UK energy system. Network editor Alec Peachey examines the progress being made and some of the challenges that remain.

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Delivering the smart grid with bandwith for the future

The Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC) is undertaking a project to address the bandwidth and security requirements for the smart grid. Kinan Ghanem, communications and systems integration lead, discusses how the project is progressing.

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Challenging the networks

As part of the RIIO2 price controls set out by Ofgem, network operators are required to set up independently chaired customer engagement groups (CEGs). As part of our Utility of the Future campaign, Network caught up with the chairs of four of these groups...

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Understanding interconnectors

With post-Brexit energy trading arrangements still unresolved and Europe's connectivity lagging expectations, Fieldfisher energy experts David Haverbeke, Lis Blunsdon and Yohanna Weber, discuss why more attention needs to be focused on critical power...

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Solving the EV charging jigsaw

As DNOs present Ofgem with their electric vehicle (EV) readiness documents, illustrating how the transport revolution can be effectively managed, Patrick Erwin, policy and markets director at Northern Powergrid, outlines key policies that would ensure...