Industry Insight

Pollywoodpoles 550x250

Rolling out the Pollywood pole

Quentin Kopp, chairman of Pollywood, discusses a new way to make electricity poles using 85% less wood.

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Testing substation circuit breakers safely

Damon Mount, UK and Southern Africa sales manager at Megger, discusses safety and accuracy when testing circuit breakers.

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Using big data to reduce vegetation risk

Shane Brunker, chief technology officer at NM Group, discusses the importance of vegetation management and how it can be used to improve network operators' storm resilience.

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The first line of defence for MV systems

Tony Wills, application engineer at Megger, discusses the importance of using scanners to detect insulation faults.

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Circuit breaker testing with OMICRON

Orlando de Leon, application sales engineer at OMICRON, explains the benefits and new method of testing circuit breakers in Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS).

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Using asset replacement to improve power reliability

Jonathan Hopkins, EMEA sales director at S&C Electric Company, discusses the importance of replacing ageing assets.

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Tapping into a problem: 25 years of Fundamentals UK

Fundamentals Ltd is celebrating its 25th anniversary with an amazing team of people and a thriving business. This article gives an overview of how the electrical engineering company has gone from 'garage to greatness' and transformed voltage control for...

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New IEC protection standards for all

Megger's Andrea Bonetti discusses the importance of the new International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards and how they apply to everyone who works with relay protection systems.