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Energy and transport integration

Faye Banks (director of energy) and Phil Proctor (associate director - smart grid technologies) from Costain discuss meeting climate change targets through the integration of energy and transport sectors.

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Deploying energy storage solutions

The UK will hopefully see the addition of around 500 megawatts of operational battery storage within the next 12 months. If the regulatory regime in the UK is upgraded to allow for the growth in deployment of storage technologies, it is anticipated that...

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Developing a transport-energy plan

Faye Banks, director of energy at Costain, discusses integrating transport and energy networks to meet decarbonisation targets.

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Providing real-time condition information

Elimpus Ltd has installed several of Vaisala's online transformer monitoring solutions on behalf of Scottish Power, a leading British energy provider, to provide real-time condition information.

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Asset management strategies are changing

Utilities have long used a cycle-based maintenance approach to asset management, including activities such as inspections, refurbishments and replacements. This industry insight from Nokia looks at how their approach is changing.

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Active network management from LV to HV

ZIV Automation continues to push the boundaries of network management solutions.

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Powerful analysis of digital substations

Due to the increasing implementation of the IEC 61850 standard for communication between Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) in operational substations, the world of protection engineering is evolving. Ali Abdulla, application specialist at OMICRON elaborates...

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Locating faults

Jonathan Hopkins, sales director EMEA at S&C Electric Company, highlights the importance of locating faults on cable sections of both mixed and underground circuits.