Policy & regulation

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Operators will otherwise face restrictive rules and regulations imposed by government

Battery prices could soar post-Brexit

Batteries used for electricity storage could see prices increase by almost a quarter, warns REA

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Primary legislation may be required to end storage double-charging...

BEIS official says changes should be "straightforward to deliver" despite parliament's timetable being taken up by Brexit

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Networks are delivering on RIIO

David Smith, chief executive of the Energy Networks Association, pushes back against accusations that UK energy networks are making excessive returns.

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'Wrong' to keep system operator role within National Grid

Ofgem's proposal to create a legally separate system operator within National Grid is the "wrong choice" for a "rapidly changing energy world", academics from the University of Exeter have warned.

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Ofgem keen to level the playing field for storage

Ofgem has published proposals to alter the network charges paid by storage to prevent it being charged twice as both generation and demand.

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Ofgem plans major network charging review

Ofgem has outlined plans for a major review of network charging to examine concerns that some consumers are paying too much towards to the cost of the grid and others too little.

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Ofgem denies rushing embedded benefits review

Ofgem has denied rushing through a review of embedded benefits, saying the process has been going for more than a year and that swift action is needed to prevent investor uncertainty and market distortions.