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The government must take an active role in the transformation of the UK's energy system to prevent "a war of all against all" in an increasingly polarised energy market, Green Alliance has warned.

Powering improvement in health and safety strategy

The UK electricity industry has a long standing ambition to be a world leader in the field of health and safety.

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Ofgem's targeted charging review

Ofgem has recently published what is billed as a potential significant code review on network charging.

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Low-carbon heat networks awarded £24 million

The government has awarded a total of just over £24 million to nine local authorities around Britain to kick-start the roll out of low-carbon heat networks.

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Transparency needed over distributed energy

Local electricity networks should be forced to open up about the distributed energy resources they have access to, an academic from the University of Exeter has told Network's sister publication Utility Week.  

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Support for heat networks could unlock £22bn of investment

Supporting heat networks with low-carbon subsidies and a new regulatory framework could unlock nearly £22 billion of private sector investment between now and 2030, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has claimed.

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Letting networks own storage would 'distort the market'

Networks should not be allowed to own storage assets as doing so would lead to market distortions and inefficiencies, a former Npower boss has warned.

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National Grid to be stripped of £277.5m by Ofgem

Ofgem plans to claw back £277.5 million from National Grid Gas Transmission's (NGGT's) RIIO-GT1 allowance.