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London to host wireless EV charging trial

UK Power Networks Services will work with UPS, High Speed 1 and WMG on a new project to assess the feasibility of using wireless charging to support the use of electric vehicles in commercial fleets on London's roads.

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Millions could miss out on benefits of EVs

Millions of people could miss out on the environmental and financial benefits of electric vehicles (EVs), a new report by Localis has found.

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EV chargepoints must use innovative 'smart' technology

All government funded home chargepoints for electric vehicles must use innovative 'smart' technology from July 2019, the government has announced.

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Confusion over EV charging network speeds

A new report warns that widespread confusion over how fast electric vehicles can be 'refuelled' could be undermining efforts to provide an adequate public chargepoint network.

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Commercial EV project announced in UK

The world's biggest trial of commercial electric vehicles (EVs) has been given the green light by energy regulator Ofgem.

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Virtual monitoring tool will help identify EV hotspots

ElectraLink has partnered with Western Power Distribution (WPD) on a project that will allow the network operator to understand the impact of electric vehicles and other low carbon technologies on its network.

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EDF and Nuvve to install V2G chargers in UK

EDF Energy has announced a partnership with Nuvve to install up to 1,500 Vehicle to Grid (V2G) chargers in the UK.

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EV market at tipping point, report suggests

The UK electric vehicle market is at a tipping point with levels of consumer adoption far outstripping the infrastructure, according to a report.