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With the Government committing to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the UK to almost zero by 2050, networks will be key in the facilitation of decarbonisation. Here, Network puts a special focus on the topic of decarbonisation as part of its Network of the Future campaign.

Gas's role in a renewable world

Steve Urquhart, business development manager - distributed energy systems at Siemens looks at why we still need gas in a renewable world.

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Putting the focus on flexibility

The Energy Institute's incoming president Steve Holliday reflects on the Energy Barometer 2019 and calls for a renewed and visionary focus on flexibility.

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Keeping power cuts to a minimum

As recent events in South America have proven, power cuts can cause widespread disruption, even if they only last a few hours. Network talked to operators in the UK to find out how they are building a more resilient grid and tackling the issue.

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Enabling the energy revolution

The shift to digital technology presents many challenges for the energy sector, but it could also create new opportunities with the emergence of micro-grids and private networks. Network spoke to Ibrahim Cobanoglu, digital lead for ABB Power Grids, to...

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Leveraging linepack

Keith MacLean outlines the findings of a new UKERC report on the undersold decarbonisation potential of the gas network.

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Decarbonising transport: accelerating towards net-zero

With a net-zero emissions target for 2050 in place, the race to decarbonise transport is on. This partnership study from Network, in association with Costain, considers the challenges for energy networks in supporting the transition, from load management...

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Turning asset data into intelligent action

Asset and service data is one of the most critical and valuable data sets collected, aggregated and analysed in an organisation. ServiceMax is shining a light on why it is one of the most neglected and untapped sources of actionable insights.