Cyber Security

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Embracing change

Akshay Kaul, director of network price controls at Ofgem, speaks exclusively to Network editor Alec Peachey about the regulator's stakeholder engagement incentive and a range of other subjects including RIIO2, innovation and the future energy system....

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Protection, monitoring and control

National Grid is rising to new challenges in the vital areas of protection, monitoring and control with one eye on its back and the other very much on the future. Ben Graff, head of T2 stakeholder engagement at National Grid, highlights the work being...

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Cyber threat to energy infrastructure, Kapersky Lab research...

Research carried out by Kapersky Lab has found that the number of attacks on energy organisations noticeably exceeded those faced by other industries in the second half of 2017.

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Cyber safety warning over UK's energy infrastructure

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has warned that the UK must make sure it's adequately and properly defended against cyber-attacks amidst warnings about the safety of the country's key energy infrastructure and supply.

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IME wants networks to improve digital infrastructure

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers has called for new levels of digital resilience and reliability to be built into electricity networks, including protection against hackers.

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Energy firms told to boost cyber security

Energy firms could be fined up to £17 million if they fail to have robust safeguards in place against cyber attacks.

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Keeping networks safe

The changing face of networks could allow hackers more opportunities to target the UK's major power companies. Greg Pitcher explores the issues.

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Responding to network threats

The recent increase in sophisticated, targeted security threats by both external and inside attackers has increased the awareness and urgency of communication service providers, mission-critical network operators and utility network operators for implementing...