Keeping assets safe

Security of critical infrastructure has hit the headlines recently, with increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks targeting the drive to digitalise our systems. Jeopardising the functionality of these assets can materially impact economic security, public health and safety. Cara MacGregor, head of strategy at Lagoni Engineering, discusses the work it's doing in this area.

Keeping assets safe

Securing critical assets is a major theme for Lagoni in 2019, with two key projects, funded by Ofgem, in collaboration with National Grid Gas Transmission. Significant progress has been made in advancing new technology to upgrade and protect legacy assets, avoiding expensive rip and replace strategies.

The first project, Open Source SCADA, provides a solution to upgrade and standardise legacy systems, independently from the control system, with integral cyber security. The project is proving successful:

– Delivery time reduced by 70 per cent with zero supply disruption

– £1.3 million forecast cost reduction per site

– Security score increased 6-8 times

– Client owns IP rights, reducing vendor reliance.


The vast reduction in physical footprint of the solution led to a further project; designing a vendor agnostic remote telemetry unit and combined intruder detection system. This can be retrofitted into AGI’s, providing early notification of cyber-attacks on smaller sites. NGGT alone has over 200 AGI’s that can benefit from this technology, with forecast cost reductions of £20m.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in London, Lagoni are a technical services provider in the energy and utility industry. Lagoni’s service offering covers the entire life-cycle of assets.

Through our engineering services, we have a strong track record which has been used to underpin our OT cyber security and IIoT offering.

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