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Vehicle-to-grid tech in homes could shrink bills by £300

The final report from a research project that looked at how much UK households could save if they stored and shared electricity in EV batteries has calculated that a figure of £300 a year is possible.

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UKPN and Innovate UK map 66 routes to 'V2G' future

A project led by UK Power Networks and Innovate UK has mapped 66 "vehicle-to-grid" energy storage trials around the world, including the UK, the US, Japan, Korea and Namibia.

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Vehicle-to-grid project rolls out first installations

VIGIL, an Innovate UK funded consortium consisting of Aston University, ByteSnap Design, Grid Edge and Nortech Management, has rolled out a new control platform for vehicle-to-grid/building (V2G/V2B) systems and distribution networks.

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Investment in V2G

The government is investing £30 million in vehicle-to-grid technology with 21 projects chosen to receive funding. Here, Mark Thompson, senior innovation lead - energy systems at Innovate UK and a Network editorial board member, provides an overview....

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Moixa joins V2G consortium

Moixa has joined a consortium that will study how to reward drivers who use their electric car batteries to support the UK's power grid, it has announced.

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Nissan and Ovo to launch vehicle-to-grid service

The car manufacturer Nissan has announced plans to team up with Ovo Energy and launch a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) service in 2018.

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Mixed blessings: What does the rise of the EV mean for electricity...

The future of transport will definitely include electric vehicles, but is the rise of the EV a blessing or a curse for electricity networks?