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ETI report recommends increased biomass production

A new report from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) provides a series of recommendations to support the development of bioenergy to cost effectively decarbonise the UK energy system.

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Low-carbon heat networks awarded £24 million

The government has awarded a total of just over £24 million to nine local authorities around Britain to kick-start the roll out of low-carbon heat networks.

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Clark gives go-ahead to energy-from-waste plant

Business and energy secretary Greg Clark has given the go-ahead to a new energy-from-waste plant at the Edmonton EcoPark in London.

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Murphy starts substation build for new CHP plant

J Murphy & Sons has completed the first phase of utility installations for a new biomass CHP power plant in Northumberland and will now begin construction of the plant substation.

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Revise RHI or miss heat targets, ECCC warns government

Biomethane is “crucial” to the UK hitting its 2020 renewable heat target and must remain a “funding priority”.