Murphy starts substation build for new CHP plant

J Murphy & Sons has completed the first phase of utility installations for a new biomass CHP power plant in Northumberland and will now begin construction of the plant substation.

Murphy starts substation build for new CHP plant

The first phase of Murphy’s work on this project included the installation of over 6,600m of cable ducts in preparation for receiving a 66kV circuit in early 2017.

The contractor will now begin building the substation for the £138 million power plant in Cramlington.

Vincent Bowler, operations director for Murphy’s power sector, said that completing the first phase of the Cramlington contract was a “great milestone”.

The Cramlington plant will have an output of 27.8 MW, generating 223 GWh of renewable electricity. Power will be generated sustainably from virgin wood, forest residues and clean, recycled waste wood. It is expected that carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 56,000 tonnes annually, compared to a gas-fired power plant.

As well as supplying low carbon electricity to National Grid, the plant will also directly supply electricity and heat to two pharmaceutical companies on a direct wire and pipeline basis.


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