Ofgem to open tenders for offshore wind power links

Ofgem to open tenders for offshore wind power links

Ofgem is inviting companies to bid for ownership of the electricity transmission link to the 1.2 gigawatt (GW) Hornsea 1 wind farm project off the coast of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

The energy regulator runs tenders to own and operate links to offshore wind farms which cuts the cost of connecting them onshore to the grid for consumers.

The link to the Hornsea 1 wind farm is one of three to be tendered in the latest round. The other tenders are for the ownership of links to the 588 MW Beatrice wind farm project off the coast of Scotland and the 714 MW East Anglia One wind farm project off the coast of East Anglia. The tenders will open at the end of October. 

This is the sixth tender round Ofgem has conducted under the offshore transmission owner regime, with a total of £2 billion of transmission assets being tendered. At least £700m in savings were achieved for consumers across the first three tender rounds. 

Jonathan Brearley, executive director for systems and networks at Ofgem, said: "Tendering ownership of links to offshore wind farms has already proven to be a successful way of connecting cleaner electricity generation to the networks at a lower cost for consumers. It is also a boost for competition as it attracts new players into the energy market. Over the next decade we plan to open up high value onshore grid upgrades to competition so that we continue to drive down network costs for consumers."

Since Ofgem and Government launched the regime in 2009 winning bidders have so far invested £3 billion in links connecting 4.6GW of offshore wind farms.


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Ofgem has granted a licence to Diamond Transmission Partners BBE Limited (DTPBBE) to own and operate the £193.9m offshore transmission link to the 258MW Burbo Bank Extension windfarm in the Liverpool Bay.

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Ofgem has selected Diamond Transmission Partners as the preferred bidder to own and operate the high voltage transmission link to the Race Bank offshore wind farm for the next 20 years.

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Ofgem has announced its fifth, and biggest, tender round for offshore transmission owners (OFTOs) will kick off on 10 October.