Ofgem outlines strategy to help vulnerable consumers

Energy regulator Ofgem has set out a five point plan to help vulnerable consumers.

Ofgem outlines strategy to help vulnerable consumers

The Consumer Vulnerability Strategy outlines five themes with outcomes that Ofgem is seeking views from stakeholders and consumers on:

– Improving identification of vulnerability and smart use of data
– Supporting those struggling with their bills
– Driving significant improvements in customer service
– Encouraging positive and inclusive innovation
– Working with partners to tackle issues that cut across multiple sectors.

The regualtor says that while the price cap is in place it is expected that digitalisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation are likely to change the way consumers interact with their energy suppliers.

In a statement Ofgem said that it is determined to ensure that the interests of consumers, especially the vulnerable, are protected and they can benefit from these changes.

Ofgem’s previous Consumer Vulnerability Strategy strengthened protections for consumers in vulnerable situations by introducing new rules to support the most vulnerable.

Mary Starks, executive director, consumer and markets at Ofgem said: “We want to ensure that the energy market works well for everyone, including those least able to look out for themselves. Supporting and protecting customers in vulnerable situations is a key priority for Ofgem.”

“Energy is changing, as the sector rises to the challenge of decarbonisation with the creation of new businesses and business models. We cannot have a situation in which the most savvy and affluent customers benefit from these changes, while others are left behind. That is why we want to work with consumer groups and the industry to create a fair energy market for the future.”


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