National 105 power cut number launched

Electricity network distributors have joined forces to launch a new three-digit national number to make it easier for customers to contact their local distributor and report power cuts and damage to power assets.

National 105 power cut number launched

The 105 number is being funded by network operators and is free to use for customers across England, Wales and Scotland.

The number, which is being enabled by Vodafone, will use a customer’s location when calling and the location of their home to identify and route the call to the correct network operator.

A survey conducted by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) shows that 72% of people don’t know who to contact in a power cut, with 43% saying they would contact their energy supplier.

Of the 21% who would contact their network supplier, only 11% could correctly name the right company.

ENA’s chief executive David Smith said: “Significant network investment means power cuts are not a regular or widespread occurrence for people, however, our research makes it clear that there’s still a need to provide a simple, memorable number they can call should they experience one.

“This is particularly important when there’s bad weather, as severe storms can cause damage to power networks and disrupt the electricity supply into people’s homes.

“We hope people will welcome it as an important step forward in helping electricity customers know exactly what to do and who to contact if they have a power cut.”


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