SSEN picks ZIV to provide ANM solutions

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has chosen ZIV Automation to provide active network management (ANM) solutions.

SSEN picks ZIV to provide ANM solutions

ANM systems link separate components of a smart gird, such as smaller energy generators, renewable generation, and storage devices by installing software to monitor and control the operation of these devices.

SSEN plan to implement the technology to deliver a smarter and more flexible energy system for its 3.8 million customers. 

Connecting devices to the main network ensures that they are fully integrated, and therefore they can be used in the most efficient way, reducing the need to invest in energy network reinforcement.

A review by SSEN of a previous scheme in Orkney found the ANM solution for the smart grid there cost £500,000, instead of a £30m alternative reinforcement cost.

SSEN will work with ZIV to implement a technology platform that can host ANM software systems across its distribution areas. By investing ahead of need, SSEN is hoping to be able to deliver a scalable, supportive, and secure technology environment to host ANM schemes compatible with the future energy system.

The project has already commenced and is due to be concluded by April 2020. Following this, a phased implementation rollout is planned to take place.

Andrew Roper, DSO director at SSEN said: “We are excited to be working with ZIV on rolling out the benefits of ANM across both our distribution areas. This project will potentially reduce network costs for our customers, help us manage maintenance cost, and improve system performance.

“The UK’s electricity system is fundamentally changing, and the rollout of flexible, low-carbon technologies are bringing significant opportunities for our customers to engage in new and exciting ways. These changes are required if the UK is to meet its net-zero climate target. This project will help improve the customer journey to providing electricity to the system in the future to play an active role in the journey to net zero.”

Managing director of ZIV Automation UK, Adrian Kearney, added: “ZIV is delighted to be working with SSEN on such a significant project. ZIV’s Enterprise ANM solution which is widely used across UK DNOs, will enable SSEN to deploy intelligent network management across their entire distribution network. The choice of platform enables SSEN to rapidly connect distributed energy resources while saving significantly on infrastructure costs.

“The platform helps SSEN to optimise the management of all their network resources and supports a new range of smart grid services, which will assist SSEN to increase network efficiencies and improve supply and facilitate the transition from DNO to DSO.”



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