Schneider Electric forms partnership to offer maintenance analytics

Schneider Electric is partnering with predictive analytics software company The Cosmo Company to offer a digital technology and service strategy to optimise asset maintenance and investment planning for utilities.

Schneider Electric forms partnership to offer maintenance analytics

The two companies will offer a combined asset maintenance and modernisation consultation program utilising The Cosmo Company’s systems analytics solution which performs risk-based simulations and modelling to help prioritise investment and replacement plans.

The partnership will allow Schneider to support its utility customers by leveraging advanced tools to design, simulate, measure and optimise CAPEX and OPEX assessment plans.

The Cosmo Company’s software will support utilities in their digital transformation through better understanding their complex systems and leveraging that complexity to meet corporate KPIs.

Frédéric Godemel, commercial SVP energy business said: “In today’s utility environment, grid operators are struggling to balance the impact of ageing infrastructures and workforces with limited investment budgets.

This is leading to increased risks due to grid overloads and operational inefficiencies from underutilised assets which highlight how traditional grid upgrades alone are no longer relevant.”

“This agreement with Cosmo will enable us to develop a differentiated consulting service help decomplexify the operations of the world’s largest utilities.”

The Cosmo Company’s chief executive Hugues de Bantel said: “I am looking forward to our collaboration with Schneider Electric opening our decision management solutions to utilities throughout the world.”


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