Decentralisation – unlocking the key to the future network

Powerstar discuss the reasons why decentralisation is key to unlocking the future network.

Decentralisation – unlocking the key to the future network

Put simply, a decentralised energy network is one that instead of running centrally, through the National Grid, is produced locally to where it will be used. This is achieved through the forming of microgrids which can generate and store energy locally, maximising on efficiencies whilst reducing transmissions losses and minimising carbon emissions with the added benefit of relieving pressure from the National Grid.

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It is set to be of vital importance as the UK transitions its energy network to support the growth in demand. This is because successful decentralisation will reduce the reliance on fossil fuelled power stations whilst also minimising the volatility of renewable energy and relieving strain from the National Grid by distributing the ability to deliver power.

A decentralised network could make renewables more reliable and therefore increase the amount of green energy in the UK’s energy mix through the usage of energy storage solutions. Energy storage solutions, such as Powerstar’s VIRTUE, offer the capability to store energy generated from renewables or during periods of low demand for discharge when required.

In addition to this, energy storage solutions can generate revenues for business through DSR which is used to support the grid. DSR encourages intelligent energy use and the National Grid compensates businesses for helping it to maintain the required frequency level in times of fluctuating supply and demand through DSR.

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It is evident that the continued drive towards a low carbon economy will necessitate the transition to a decentralised network and promote greater adoption of energy storage across the UK, delivering a more flexible, reliable and secure network for all.


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