Circuit breaker testing with OMICRON

Orlando de Leon, application sales engineer at OMICRON, explains the benefits and new method of testing circuit breakers in Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS).

Circuit breaker testing with OMICRON

During the last few years we have seen an increasing demand for non-invasive test methods for evaluating the condition of circuit breakers. Regardless if the circuit breaker is installed in a conventional substation, a switchgear or a Gas Insulated Substation (GIS), the industry has moved to try to perform a complete diagnostic without intervening any working connection; that means, testing both sides grounded systems and taking measurements without disconnecting secondary cables of the circuit breaker.

With OMICRON’s test system CIBANO 500’s three-in-one approach you only need to set up the wiring connections once, and that allows you to perform all tests in one go. The CIBANO 500 combines a precise micro-ohmmeter, a multi-channel timing analyzer, a powerful coil and motor supply in a single device.

Testing circuit breakers in GIS is a major challenge due to the availability of the bays and having a safe system. The CIBANO 500 offers a patent method to test circuit breakers installed in a GIS – this allows the operating times, motion test, contact resistance, coil and motor current analysis of the circuit breaker to be determined accurately even though the GIS is grounded on both sides. During a closed or open operation of the circuit breaker, the sensor measures the current change through the ground connection of the circuit breaker and sends its signals to the CIBANO 500 which determines the switch response times. Since the new current sensor has a flexible design and can be easily installed on a multitude of different grounding switches, it is ideal for on-site applications in GIS installations.

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