Chinese university develops state-of-the-art software tool for Integrated Energy System planning

New cloud-based software for Integrated Energy System (IES) planning and analysis has been developed by researchers at Southeast University (SEU) in China, led by Dr Suyang Zhou and Professor Wei Gu.

Chinese university develops state-of-the-art software tool for Integrated Energy System planning

China has been promoting the development of IES to achieve a high proportion of renewable energy penetration and energy usage efficiency in recent years.

In 2019, the State Grid Corporation of China proposed the strategic goal of establishing a world-class energy Internet enterprise, which brings IES further into focus.

In order to build an affordable and high-efficiency energy network, including electricity, gas, heating and cooling, appropriate planning and control strategies need to be developed at the outset.

To conquer such a challenge, the SEU team has developed cloud-based software – the Integrated Energy System Planning Software (IES-Plan) – which is funded by the State Grid Corporation of China and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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The IES-Plan software integrates the modelling of multiple forms of energy, and provides an intelligent one-stop solution, for multi-carrier energy system planning and design.

Multiple kinds of demands (electricity, heating and cooling) can be modeled automatically using three provided methodologies. The IES-Plan also provides 28 categories of key IES equipment that help stakeholders or designers build-up their personalized IES schemes.

In addition, historical data from more than 700 weather stations has been embedded into the database of IES-Plan, to support renewable energy generation forecasting.

Along with the aforementioned functionalities, the core planning algorithm of IES-Plan, developed by the SEU team, is able to plan the model, capacity and amount of the equipment used in IES, and present an hour-by-hour simulated optimal operation schedule of the system.

The analysis module of IES-Plan can also cover the total investment amount, payback period, internal rate of return, carbon reduction and other key factors for system planning.

Compared with conventional electrical power or energy planning software, IES-Plan is unique and advantageous, benefiting from its advanced algorithm and parallel computation infrastructure, which can plan a number of Integrated Energy Systems in parallel, and calculate optimal results in seconds.

The IES-Plan has been used by Xiexin Energy, the Anhui Electric Power Design Institute and the Yangzhou Power Supply Company as a daily software tool to provide a planning service to their customers.Multi-index and multi-dimensional evaluation results can also be presented in a visual report automatically generated after optimization, which is helpful for stakeholders to make planning decisions and for IES operation strategies.

IES-Plan won the bronze prize at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva(see photo, above). In addition, the head of Jiangsu Power Supply Company, the State Grid of China and the mayor of Yangzhou city council have all given high praise to IES-Plan after a trial of the software tool.


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