Cadent working on gas pipe upgrade in Ramsbottom

Gas network Cadent is nearing the end of a project to replace underground pipe that's brought gas to homes in Ramsbottom for 140 years.

Cadent working on gas pipe upgrade in Ramsbottom

The company has replaced the pipe that’s transported gas to thousands of homes in Ramsbottom since 1880.

It’s delivered gas to the local area for nearly 140 years – originally (mainly) for lighting, then later for keeping people warm and for cooking meals.

But it had more recently started to show signs of its age, prompting local gas network Cadent to programme it in for an essential upgrade. Teams arrived on site in July to begin work to replace 450 metres of ageing pipe under Bolton Street.

Cadent worked with contractor Balfour Beatty to complete the works.

Project manager Jimmy Byron said: “These jobs, while necessary to ensure safe gas supplies locally, inevitably cause some level of disruption, as the pipes sit directly under the roads.

“As you can see, we’ve been replacing a very old pipe with a new one that will keep gas flowing for many generations, until at least the end of the century. We’re very grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding.”


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