Costain webinar highlights five ways to crack innovation

Optimising assets, reducing risk and maximising return on investment - the "to do list" of major companies in the energy and water sectors becomes ever longer.

Costain webinar highlights five ways to crack innovation

With the likelihood of more change from regulators and policy makers arriving after the General Election, the capacity of organisations to respond is becoming stretched.

Costain, in association with Network and WWT, will be hosting a webinar to address these challenges, at 11 am on 12 December.

The discussion will identify ways in which energy and water network operators can achieve step changes in their performance at a time when budgets are overextended and personnel are juggling multiple projects.  

As the networks head into the next price control period, doing more with less will reach new levels and there will also be new constraints around access to regulatory innovation funds.

Costain will discuss how to apply systems thinking to optimise innovation efforts, achieve maximum impact and ensure funding bids are aligned with the “whole system” requirements that Ofgem has suggested will be stronger in RIIO-2.

It will offer insights for senior managers and executives in water companies and energy companies who are tasked with delivering on multiple agendas – such as digitalisation, data management, decarbonisation and customer service – but with tight resources and limited organisational appetite for risk.  

Specifically, the discussion is likely to be useful for heads of, and directors of, assets and operations, and strategy and innovation leaders.

Key takeaways will include:

– practical approaches to identify and prioritise innovative ideas

– reducing risk when innovating

– systematic innovation for continuous improvements

– decoding digital opportunities

– ensuring potential is realised from innovative ideas

The trio of Costain speakers are Gerard Shore, water sector director; John Bryan, client director; and Paul Eastwood, head of systems thinking .

To register for the webinar on 12 December, click here.



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