Smarter Grid Solutions working with US utility

UK company Smarter Grid Solutions is involved in a US project to test technologies that will monitor, measure and regulate the transfer of electricity from large-scale solar projects into the Orange & Rockland (O&R) system.

Smarter Grid Solutions working with US utility

O&R is a regulated utility that provides electricity to approximately 300,000 customers in southeastern New York State.

Smarter Grid’s technologies will manage the power flow to match the real-time capacity available in the O&R system. This project will provide solar developers an alternative interconnection technology in lieu of traditional electric infrastructure upgrades.

Regulating the timing and volume of the power flow into the space available on the O&R system has been shown to alleviate the need for costly new infrastructure to accommodate more power in certain situations, resulting in increased cleaner energy available to customers.

On 19 July, the New York State Public Service Commission endorsed the project as meeting the objectives of the state’s initiative to build a cleaner, more resilient and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers. This project also supports the state’s Clean Energy Standard which requires 50% of New York state’s electricity be provided by renewable energy by 2030.

O&R vice president – operations, Francis W. Peverly, said: “This approach makes a lot of sense to us. It will allow us to better utilise large-scale solar capacity, while improving the economics of the solar project for developers. We will be able to match a solar project’s output to the capacity available on our system, providing for more opportunities to foster clean energy projects for our customers.”

Smarter Grid Solutions’ chief technology officer and co-founder Bob Currie said: “Smarter Grid Solutions is thrilled to be working to deploy our technology to support the continued growth of clean and affordable energy for O&R’s customers. With North American headquarters in New York City, we are excited to partner with our fourth utility in the state to help achieve the NYSPSC’s ambitious objectives.” 


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