Get ahead of the IoT device management challenge

Nokia discuss the subject of smart infrastructure and connected assets.

Get ahead of the IoT device management challenge

Is your organisation responsible for critical grid communications? Is it able to manage the exploding number of connected devices for automation and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments?

The challenge can be huge. Connected communications devices need to support many applications, including automatic fault location and reclosing, asset health monitoring, inverter control, distributed generation protection, and advanced metering infrastructure. In the UK/Ireland landscape, the journey to DSO compounds this, especially as substation assets become increasingly digital and compute aware.

The number of connected assets with communications capabilities can grow into the hundreds of thousands – and often much more. In one recent case, a utility planning to deploy its own private LTE network identified the need to manage over one-million pole-top devices. 

Adding to the challenge, device communications capabilities must be kept up-to-date. This optimises application performance while minimising cyber security threats. And to reduce costs, the maximum number of management functions should be securely performed remotely – functions, including remote configuration, troubleshooting and bulk jobs, such as firmware upgrades, as well as centralised data collection. Moreover, these functions need to be performed on multiple vendor devices connected to wireless and fixed private networks, as well as carrier services. On top of this, your staff need to master the growing volume of smarter OT communications and IoT type devices.


So, are you ready to address today’s device management challenge? Check out Nokia solutions at: or contact for further information.


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