EV trial offers free smart chargers

A project looking to ensure local electricity networks can cope with electric vehicle uptake is offering up to 700 participants a free, faster smart charger.

EV trial offers free smart chargers

The smart charging solution could interact between domestic charge points and local electricity networks to allow the maximum number of EVs to connect without requiring reinforcement of the network.

The Electric Nation project is a collaboration between Western Power Distribution and EA Technology and is being funded through the Network Innovation Allowance.

The project is seeking to recruit 500-700 people buying or leasing any new pure-electric or hybrid vehicles in the WPD network areas to take part in the largest trial of its kind.

Mark Dale, innovation and low carbon networks engineer at WPD said the project shows WPD is taking the issue of the impact of EVs “seriously”.

He added: “Historically the automotive sector and the energy sector have not worked together.

“However that needs to change due to the increased demand on local electricity networks from electric vehicles.”


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