Energy storage: Delivering power locally

Field Dynamics on operating models and the role of new technology.

Energy storage: Delivering power locally

The technology surrounding energy consumption and storage is receiving a huge amount of investment. So, why is it not the same for the operational models that will be needed to support these new technologies?

Energy storage is essentially a local model, driven by local demand and opportunity. Its roll out will be pulsed with short, intensive periods of activity occurring across multiple different locations as opposed to one smooth phased implementation. And yet the current DNO model is optimised for exactly that – a predictable, long-term operation with marginal changes.

The DSO operational model needs to be fundamentally different, but in what direction?

The dispersed and sequential operational model has been the life of ISPs for years. ISPs are structured to expect a succession of intense activities in local areas, as a new fibre bearer is laid, which then switches to a lower level of support activity. This ebb and flow requires both clear orchestration throughout the business, from the commercial front end to the local support teams, accompanied by a flexible and mobile technical capability.

Even after years of effort ISPs still struggle to deliver a consistent, seamless and hooked-up local service. Given that experienced and professional ISP businesses are struggling to deliver the business model that the energy sector is about to be forced to adopt, surely now is the time to start investigating new ISP-like operating models and seeing how they can best fit the new world order.


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