DNOs could be given greater powers to free up network capacity

Distribution network operators (DNOs) could soon be given greater powers to withdraw a connection offer from a customer if their development is not progressing to meet certain ‘milestones’, in an effort to free up network capacity.

DNOs could be given greater powers to free up network capacity

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has launched a consultation on a set of ‘milestones’ generation developers will have to meet or risk losing their network connection.

Regulator Ofgem tasked the ENA with creating the milestones as one of a number of solutions designed to use the limited capacity remaining on energy networks more efficiently.

The principles and milestones under consultation intend to remove projects which “are not progressing, and may never progress” so the capacity can be reallocated to projects in the capacity “queue”, the ENA said.

The move is designed to limit the amount of costly reinforcement network operators will have to undertake to meet the “rapid increase” in connection requests in recent years.

ENA chief executive David Smith said: “The growth in renewable generation connecting to the distribution network has surpassed all expectations in recent years, and network operators are working hard with customers to facilitate this increased demand.

“The principles set out in this consultation form part of this effort.”

Ofgem issued a range of measures DNOs were to undertake to improve the efficiency of connections in September last year.


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