Consultations are damaging investor confidence in storage

New and smaller participants of the demand side response market are struggling to voice their views on the necessary changes to network charging.

Consultations are damaging investor confidence in storage

Discussion at a Power Responsive steering group in January, held by National Grid, pinpointed the “slow and consultation heavy” design and implementation process as being damaging to investor confidence in new or recent assets such as diesel and battery storage.

The “vast majority” of demand side response (DSR) participants do not have time to respond to the “huge volume” of consultations, let alone code modifications.

The steering group called for consideration to be given as to how new and smaller voices could be resourced and represented.

It also said that by the time the changes have been implemented under the current process, the market has already shifted on.

It concluded: “It is critical for the review of charging to be done holistically, starting with principles, identifying all the changes required, prioritising these, and setting out a timetable for when each issue or batch of issues will be addressed.”

DSR participants would also have been involved in the recent electricity industry-wide consultation on facilitating a smart and flexible energy system.


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