Apprentices graduate from ENW’s apprenticeship programme

Eight apprentices at Electricity North West will embark on a career in the power sector after completing a three-year apprenticeship scheme.

Apprentices graduate from ENW’s apprenticeship programme

The company’s CEO Peter Emery joined managers and trainers from the network operator to congratulate the apprentices on their hard work and achievement in completing the three-year scheme at the network’s state-of-the-art training academy in Blackburn.

The apprentices will now help maintain, develop and grow the electricity network from urban Manchester to rural Cumbria for years to come.

Emery said: “We are proud of the commitment and hard work our apprentices have shown throughout their training and we’re looking forward to seeing them take the next steps in what I’m sure will be a long and successful career with us.

“These eight apprentices are the leaders of tomorrow and they will bring innovative ideas and new skills with them which are invaluable.

“It’s an exciting time to work for us as the way energy is generated, distributed and used is changing more rapidly than ever before and our graduates will help us ensure we deliver an affordable, reliable and flexible energy system for the future.”

Apprentice graduate Abbie Delvard, 22, from Bolton, said: “I applied to become an apprentice because I saw it as a massive challenge to myself to be able to successfully pass the training in this kind of career with such a good company.

“Especially being a woman in this industry creates a brilliant opportunity to create a pathway for others because hopefully once you see another woman doing this job it might empower more to do the same.”


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