First vanadium flow battery cleared for final installation

The first large-scale containerised vanadium flow battery systems have been cleared for final installation and commissioning having passed the pre-testing phase at the Power Networks Demonstration Centre in Scotland.

First vanadium flow battery cleared for final installation

Energy storage technology company redT said the 15kW-240kWh energy storage machines have successfully completed G59 pre-testing at PNDC, conducted by SSE, which has established that the units can safely be implemented on the Isle of Gigha.

The units will now be installed on the island and in-situ testing will be carried out on the 1.68MWh system.

When fully commissioned it will manage grid constraints created by the four wind turbines on the island.

The units will be the first of their type to be deployed globally and represent an “important step towards cost efficient, industrial scale energy storage” redT said.

Vanadium flow batteries enable the full capacity of renewables to be utilised without degradation, lasting the full lifespan of the connected renewable generation.

RedT Energy’s chief executive Scott McGregor said: “The deployment of this machine to the Isle of Gigha is ground breaking as far as it is represents the first time that contract manufacturing of a large commodity unit such as this has been successfully deployed ahead of commercial production globally.”

PNDC’s chief executive David Rutherford said: “Flow machines like the one being demonstrated by RedT provide some unique characteristics for the evolving market place. In half a decade, these technologies will be embedded features of our energy market.”

Last week Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecasted that storage capacity will reach 45GW, 16 times the current amount, following investment totalling £33 billion.


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