Smart battery allows homeowners to make money from their electricity supply

A new battery from Powervault will allow British homeowners the opportunity to earn money from their electricity supply, whether or not they have solar panels.

Smart battery allows homeowners to make money from their electricity supply

The Powervault 3 battery, launched this month, works with Powervault’s GridFLEX software, to enable homeowners to earn an income for supporting the grid when it is under stress. 

It also offers Britain’s one million solar panel users the chance to save electricity produced in the kind of heatwave that we’ve been experiencing and use it later. Solar typically provides a source of power when it is needed least. But Powervault 3 can store free solar energy during the day so that consumers can use it when they need it during the evening.

After winning the first commercial flexibility contract with UK Power Networks earlier this year, Powervault will be installing 40 Powervault 3 systems in homes in London and, using its intelligent GridFLEX platform, will relieve constraint on the local electricity network during peak times this winter. 

Joe Warren, managing director of Powervault, said: “We are really excited to launch the Powervault 3 product. It creates market-leading value for the homeowner, and it also unlocks new revenue streams by providing support to local and national electricity networks.

“We would all love to power our homes with low-cost renewable energy, but we can’t control when the wind blows or when the sun shines.

“The Powervault 3 system can solve these problems. It can charge up with low-cost energy and use that to reduce peak demand. Using smart meters, you can also charge up with the very cheapest electricity from the grid. The Powervault 3 system will reduce costs for consumers and reduce Britain’s carbon footprint, which is good news for all of us.”


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