Eon to test storage potential for commercial customers

Energy supplier Eon is to install a redT vanadium redox flow demonstration battery in Somerset as part of a research project to understand the potential benefits of storage to commercial customers.

Eon to test storage potential for commercial customers

RedT said the 5kW, 40kWh demonstration system will be installed at the headquarters of warehousing and logistics company JB Wheaton as part of a trial by Eon to understand the potential for improved payback on solar PV installations for commercial customers.

The system is part of a project looking to overcome the challenges of commercial and industrial-scale energy storage, and will allow Eon to examine the potential of such systems in providing ancillary services to support National Grid.

The system will be used by JB Wheaton to smooth out the peaks and troughs of the company’s energy demand by storing energy generated by its 3.5MW solar panel array during the day for use charging vehicles at night.

The logistics company is also looking to minimise the amount of energy it imports from the grid at periods of high prices.

Vanadium flow batteries offer a longer life cycle and deeper discharge depth than conventional lithium-ion battery systems, providing one of the lowest levelised costs of storage.

Eon’s head of energy storage solutions Eliano Russo said: “Battery storage allows businesses to play a greater role in the energy system; adding an income stream as well as avoiding higher unit costs.

“We have recently launched a residential PV and battery storage product to our customers in Germany and as we develop our experience from this project with JB Wheaton we are interested in speaking with commercial and industrial customers in the UK who would be interested in investing in a battery storage solution.”

The system is one of a number of seeding units announced previously by redT that are due to be rolled out during 2016.

RedT chief executive Scott McGregor said: “This installation will showcase how energy storage can add value through ‘revenue stacking’ of multiple services for a wide range of stakeholders.

“The theme of ’distributed energy storage’ is an area that has been embraced by leading utility companies such as E.ON and we are confident in its further development.”

RedT revealed last week it has successfully transitioned to become a pure energy storage business in 2015, while also turning a profit for the first time. Read more here.


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