Welsh Government aims for more renewable energy

Administration also aims to create a "low-carbon pathway" to provide more clarity

Welsh Government aims for more renewable energy

The Welsh Government has set it sights on more renewable energy as part of its new national strategy.

The Prosperity for All strategy was published today and sets out the administration’s key priorities for the rest of the Welsh Assembly’s term.

The document states low carbon energy and “greater use of renewable energy sources”, including community energy, will help to cut carbon emissions in Wales, while benefitting local areas at the same time.

It adds improving the energy efficiency of houses will also bring “health benefits, creates jobs and support local businesses”.

As part of the new strategy, the Welsh Government has pledged to set out a “low-carbon pathway” to provide both clarity and certainty for investors with targets for 2020, 2030 and 2040.

It also promises to establish a bespoke infrastructure consenting process, which will help support decarbonise the country’s energy supply.

The first minister, Carwyn Jones said the national strategy will “bring together the efforts of the whole public sector towards this government’s central mission of delivering prosperity for all”.

“Prosperity is about far more than material wealth and cannot be delivered by economic growth alone. It is about every person in Wales enjoying a good quality of life, living in a strong, safe community and sharing in the prosperity of Wales,” added Jones.

“This strategy takes our commitments in Taking Wales Forward, places them in a long-term context, and sets out how they will be delivered in a smarter, more joined up way that cuts across traditional boundaries, both inside and outside government.”


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