Academics call for a rethink on smart meters

Researchers claim current meters cannot help homeowners use energy more efficiently

Academics call for a rethink on smart meters

Researchers from the University of Bath have called for a “rapid rethink” on smart meters.

The academics claim the current smart meters being installed around the country are not up to measure and have developed an alternative, which they say will create significant energy and money savings for home owners.

According to the researchers, current models are not able to provide personalised advice to homeowners about how best to make effective energy savings based on their own energy usage.

But they add the university’s own iBert intelligent smart meter uses a small number of cheap sensors to gather the data required to advise home owners about their energy usage and then make recommendations for how to save money.

“We have shown that presenting energy data and feedback in a clear and understandable way has a positive effect on the energy behaviour of home owners,” said Professor David Coley.

“For the first time, a smart metering system has been designed to help people learn what they need to do, and only interact with them if they might be being profligate.

“Current smart meters are being rolled out across the country at a cost of a staggering £11 billion but, through design, are limited in their ability to help reduce energy consumption. This needs to change,” added Coley.


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