HWA launch heat networks design guide

HWA launch heat networks design guide

A new design guide for heating and hot water engineers and heat network designers has been launched by the Hot Water Association (HWA).

The guide has been designed to help the industry navigate the design of efficient and effective hot water storage in heat networks, delivering the best possible service to the consumer.

Isaac Occhipinti, head of external affairs, the Hot Water Association said: "The HWA Design Guide for Stored Hot Water Solutions in Heat Networks 2018' provides design guidance and advice for engineers who are looking to specify stored hot water solutions working within a heat network.  

"As heat networks can range from a couple of dwellings running off a central heat source to larger district heating systems that feed thousands of consumers, it is important to note that there is no "one fits all" design solution, and this is where the guide, and the range of options it offers, proves useful."

The guide was written by HWA member; Ian Robinson, technical manager, special applications, Baxi Heating UK Ltd. He said: "HWA wanted to produce a design guide for heat networks to assist the industry. There is no one solution. System designers should consider the design and usage profile of the building along with the local infrastructure to choose the correct solution. When you consider the strategic aim to de carbonise fuel it is clear that no one solution fits all. Retro fitting existing systems will also play an important part in this aim.'

The ‘HWA Design Guide for Stored Hot Water Solutions in Heat Networks 2018' can be found here.


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