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Costain webinar highlights five ways to crack innovation

Optimising assets, reducing risk and maximising return on investment - the "to do list" of major companies in the energy and water sectors becomes ever longer.

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Siemens launches new IoT apps and protection relay

Siemens is launching two new products at the European Utility Week show in Paris - a new suite of grid diagnostic apps that exploits Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and a new protection relay device, the Reyrolle 5.

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How materials science will underpin the future energy network...

What are the materials that will serve as the backbone for electrical energy storage, renewable energy generation, gas and the grid itself in the future, and how might they underpin the future of the energy network? Four academics from Newcastle University...

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Why energy storage is going to revolutionise the electricity...

Find out why UK Power Networks think that energy storage is going to revolutionise the electricity system. See video below:

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Cadent's 'Gas-Bots'

Cadent's 'Gas-Bots' are being used to repair gas pipes in London. The CISBOT has been used beneath one of London's busiest locations - The Strand.

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Siemens Portable Switch reference video in cooperation with UK...

The Portable Switch is a light weight outdoor vacuum circuit breaker that has load and fault breaking capability. Once installed, line crews can use it to easily switch the electricity supply on and off. This can be done from a safe distance as the operation...

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Delivering electricity to the grid

Ørsted's Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, located off England's north west coastline, will become the world's largest wind farm when it is completed later this year. A high-performance heat-conducting concrete is being used to maximise the transmission...

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The future role of gas

The future role of Cadent's gas network, the innovations they are using now and what their plans for the future are.