On Site

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The automation age

How the growth of distributed generation is placing new demands on protection and control technologies

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Mobile Substations

A mobile substation can help during system maintenance and unplanned outages, or even help renewables developers connect their schemes to the network more quickly.

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Great Scott! 1.21 gigawatts!

How NIE Networks connected record amounts of renewable distributed generation.

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Mix it up

Cadent and Northern Gas Networks are pioneering the injection of hydrogen into the gas grid with the HyDeploy project. Here's the inside story.

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Wasted resource - the future of energy from waste

Advanced Plasma Power and National Grid have joined forces to commercialise the decarbonising potential of energy from waste.

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Big Bang; bringing safety to gas

At DNV GL’s Spadeadam site, gas engineers can feel the full force of the kind of gas disaster they hope they’ll never face.

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On site with Enel: system control

Network visited Italian distribution system operator Enel in Milan to see the future of smart grid control.

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Power Networks Demonstration Centre: tried and tested technology...

Network visited the Power Networks Demonstration Centre to find out about recent technologies to pass through its accelerated testing regimes.